Warrington Yoga Classes

I teach regular Yoga, meditation and breathwork classes in Warrington. I also facilitate online breathwork and meditation sessions. My teaching is accessible and functional to people of all levels of ability and experience. You can practice with me, no matter how flexible or experienced you are. When you practice with me, I place the most emphasis on breathing and functional movement.

My Warrington Yoga class is a community class that attracts people of all levels of experience. I also specialise in teaching Hot Yoga, Yoga for athletes, martial artists and powerlifters.

My students enjoy the blend of physical asana practice, breathing and meditation, that I bring to my classes to provide a holistic approach to their practice, which nourishes body and mind.

If you are a man wishing to practice Yoga practice but don’t know where to start, there’s no better way than to get a male teacher’s perspective!

If you are in Warrington or the surrounding areas, you are welcome to join my Yoga classes. I also provide online classes too. Please see below for my current offerings.

Yoga Meditation & Breathwork Classes - Dragn Yoga

Culcheth Community Yoga - Warrington

Based in the heart of Culcheth village in Warrington, this community Yoga class is a mindfully paced Hatha vinyasa style, suitable for all levels. It includes movement (Asana), breathwork (Pranayama) and mindfulness (Meditation).

Monthly Conscious connected breathwork

Conscious Connected Breathwork - Free Online Every Fortnight

Conscious Connected Breathwork is a simple, powerful breathing practice. It can initiate big emotional and energetic shifts in body and mind. I am a fully certified, trauma-informed conscious connected breathwork facilitator with Integrative Breath.

Conscious Connected Breathwork - Dragn Yoga

Conscious Connected Breathwork - Free Online Every Fortnight

You are invited to join this monthly Breathwork & Sound Healing workshop combining a Conscious Connected Breathwork journey with Yoga Asana and Pranayama Breathing. Finishing with a sound bath for grounding and integration.