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Corporate and Workplace Well-being - Dragn Yoga

I can bring workplace and corporate well-being to your place of work to business in Warrington and surrounding areas. I can also host these sessions online.

I recently had the pleasure of hosting a well-being workshop for colleagues of Torbay Council and fellow public sector partners including the Police, NHS and Exeter University.

They host regular well-being weeks and I was invited along to speak about stress management in the workplace using meditation and breathwork. Combing science with practice, I presented this to 85 people, guiding them through a series of breathing practices, finishing with a guided meditation.

It was very well received and I got some wonderful feedback from participants, who felt a genuine positive shift in how they felt afterward.

It is an amazing feeling to positively affect so many people in this way and to think about the ripple effect that it has on the people around them too.

“David was fantastic, great nature and very informative. Thanks to Torbay Council for another great session!”

“Excellent factual presentation and really effective practices.”

“I was struck by the speaker’s enthusiasm for his practice and felt that everything he shared with us was worth noting and taking away to use day to day.”

“This was an excellent hour spent over lunch and I’d love to have more of these types of workshops. Thank you so much for arranging this. David was really good :)”

“This course has given me the tools to avoid getting to the stage of stress that I have been feeling. The meditation part was especially good and I am going to try and do this for at least 10 mins every day as I felt brilliant after it”

I am genuinely passionate about enhancing the well-being of others through the practices that serve me. Having spent over 20 years in the corporate world, I have first-hand experience with high degrees of stress and burnout.

If you would like more information about working with us in your workplace, get in touch.

David Balfe is a qualified Yoga teacher with Yogacampus and founder of Dragn Yoga and Well Being.

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