Conscious Connected Breathwork

I offer breathwork journeys at my home studio in Warrington or online, I can also travel within an hour’s radius of Warrington. Conscious Connected Breathwork is a powerful yet gentle practice that can initiate deep healing and integration.

I discovered Conscious Connected Breathwork through Steph Magenta of Integrative Breath. Through a series of sessions both in person and online, I felt the urge to undertake their 7-month-long breathwork facilitator training.

I have experienced very deep and transformative shifts in my physical, emotional, and energetic bodies through this practice. The training I have received has been profoundly life-changing and I am honoured to be able to offer it in service to others.

Conscious Connected Breathwork for Tension and Trauma Release

The history of our life story is woven into our body, where unintegrated emotions, experiences, tension and trauma may be stored as physical sensations and emotional tension. CCB encourages us to pay attention to our bodily sensations and emotions, creating a bridge between body and mind.

During our breathwork journey, the mind can differentiate between the recollection of these memories and the present moment, where are safely held. Through conscious breathing, we can unlock the things that our body and mind is holding on to, so that they may be integrated.

This can result in the release of pent-up emotional energy and tension held in the body, helping us to somatically process and release trauma and tension which can then be integrated so that it affects us less.

Conscious Connected Breathwork Technique

This simple technique involves breathing in and out through the mouth without pause. You will be guided by my voice, accompanied by a carefully selected playlist to support your journey. We will work up to a peak and then you will be guided back down to a relaxed and grounded state where you will have time to process and integrate your experience.

When we breathe in this way, it activates the stress response of the nervous system. We alter the brainwave state to access deeper layers of the subconscious mind. When we enter into these states, while being safely guided, we can initiate tension and emotional release from the body. It can initiate emotional and energetic shifts in body and mind.

Conscious Connected Breathwork Experience and Benefits

As a result of this practice, you may experience a variety of sensations, from physical tingling throughout the body to a range of emotions and the physical release of tension held in the body. There may be the recollection of memories and visions  You may also experience simple feelings of bliss and joy, or you may feel nothing at all. All of these experiences are welcome and valid and have their own medicine.

The benefits of conscious connected breathwork range from improved sleep, elevated mood, lowered stress and anxiety, improved circulation and lung capacity and the transformation of unintegrated emotions that improve our resilience to stressful situations.

If you are new to breathwork, I will guide you into feeling your way into the practice. Similarly, if you’re an experienced breather you have the space to fully feel into the breath and safely find your edge.

It was in 2018 that I experienced my first Conscious Connected Breathwork session with Steph. At the time it was a very powerful experience but it wasn’t until 2020, during lockdown that I began to practice more frequently. In 2021 I completed a foundation in Shamanic Breathwork, again with Steph which sparked my interest in this practice.

In July 2021, emotionally fatigued from the effects of the Covid lockdowns, I received a breathwork session one Saturday morning. What I experienced in that session was a profound release of emotion and tension that had built up over many difficult months. It was at that time that I began to realise what this practice was about.

During this open-mouthed breathing practice, we activate the sympathetic nervous system, moving between parasympathetic to sympathetic states. We hormetically stress the nervous system in a guided, controlled and safe manner. This allows our bodies and minds to begin to shift and release tension and trauma that is held in the body and the limbic system in the brain.

You may experience an array of emotions, the recollection of past memories, visions and deep insights. You may also experience powerful physical sensations as your body surrenders to the power of the breath. This simple practice has the power to shift what no longer serves us, while making space to bring us closer to the truest expression of ourselves.

David Balfe Certified Integrative Breathwork Facilitator
David Balfe Certified Integrative Breathwork Facilitator

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