Private Yoga Meditation and Breathwork

Are you living in alignment with your values?

Yoga combines many different physical, philosophical and mental practices which form a complete system to live a life of greater presence, and authenticity, in greater alignment with your truest self.


I offer bespoke private Yoga, meditation and breathwork sessions and packages in and around Warrington tailored to your needs.

We begin with a no-obligation call to discuss your needs. I will then tailor a session or series of sessions that are unique to you.

My goal is to deliver a transformative experience, so that you may experience and embed the positive effects of these practices into your life.

Is this you?

My performance in life has declined

My physical and mental health and well-being has declined

I don’t enjoy life like I used to

I’m stressed out and stuck in my head

I am a chronic overthinker with high anxiety

I lack purpose and clarity in life

I don’t know who I am anymore

I am stuck in the past with low self-esteem

My sleep is poor, I feeling sluggish and I lack energy

How can I help?

I work from my own experience of the above to create a pathway to greater well-being, mental clarity, more energy and better performance in your life.

Underlying these practices is the development of better self-regulation of the mind and body. With mindful practices, you can master your breath and your thoughts. You become more discerning of which thoughts serve you and which thoughts don’t.

Strengthening the nervous system is key to this. Mindfulness-based practices aid in shifting your nervous system from one of chronic stress to a place of inner calm and resilience. Where stress and stimulation of the nervous system are dynamically balanced with rest and digest.

You will see an improvement in your physical and mental energy. You will feel lighter and brighter, with greater clarity of mind and purpose. You will integrate past experience that is often the underlying cause of dis-ease in the body and mind.

You can break free of self-sabotaging beliefs and habits that are holding you back and cultivate a life that is in greater alignment with you and your values.

To live an aligned life is to peel back the layers and unshackle ourselves from past conditioning and events which have shaped who you are today. Through embodied practice, you can open the gateway to healing body and mind.

You allow yourself to let go of self-limiting beliefs, integrate your grief and your pain, and learn to regulate your stress and your anxiety. You will cultivate feelings of greater well-being, clarity and purpose. This will take you forward, raising your vibration and creating positive change in all areas of your life.

Corporate and Workplace Wellbeing

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Private Yoga Meditation and Breathwork

Private Yoga Meditation and Breathwork

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