Free Monthly Conscious Connected Breathwork – Online

Free monthly conscious connected breathwork

Conscious Connected Breathwork is a simple but powerful breathing practice. It can initiate strong emotional and energetic shifts in the body and mind.

Breathing in and out through the mouth without pause creates a charge in the nervous system. Where we may experience the release of physical and emotional tension that is held in the body.

The effects of this practice can be described as a re-calibration or reset of the nervous system, body, and mind.

You will breathe to music and will be guided with verbal cues up to a peak. Before you are guided gently back to a grounded and relaxed state.

If you are new to it, this monthly online class provides the option of a gentle introduction to this powerful practice. Similarly, if you’re an experienced breather you have the space to fully feel into the breath and safely find your edge.

Class Details

  • Free community based Conscious Connected Breathwork & Meditation
  • Suitable for beginners and experienced practitioners alike
  • Monthly on Sunday Evenings
  • Online on Zoom
  • Release emotional and physical stress and tension from body and mind
  • Recalibrate the nervous system
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