Beautiful Days Festival – Teaching Yoga in the Healing Village

Healing Village Crew at Beautiful Days Festival

Last weekend I had the pleasure of teaching Yoga and meditation at my first festival, down in Devon at Beautiful Days Festival teaching Yoga in the Healing Village!  @beautifuldaysfestival and the could not have delivered a better experience!

From facilitating yoga and meditation to around 150 people over the weekend to nighttime adventures with the crew in this amazing space, it has been a phenomenal and very much-needed break doing 2 of the things I love most, partying and teaching yoga.

So much love and gratitude to everyone I taught, met and had the pleasure of hanging out with, while getting to know the amazing practitioners I got to share this incredible experience with. Here’s to next year 🤩❤️🐉

David Balfe is a qualified Yoga teacher with Yogacampus and founder of Dragn Yoga and Well Being.

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